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{That he 'knew not Joseph'.} 1. What does Exodus 1:8 say about the "new King" of Egypt?

{1) They were mightier and 2) They might join with their enemies and fight against them.} 2. Name two reasons the Egyptians feared the children of Israel.

{Set taskmasters over them to afflict them with their burdens.} 3. What did the Egyptians do to subdue the Israelites?

{Pithom & Raamses.} 4. What were the names of the treasure cities the Israelites were forced to make for Pharaoh?

{Midwives.} 5. Who were Shiphrah and Puah?

{Kill all the newborn baby boys of the Hebrews.} 6. What were Shiphrah and Puah instructed to do?

{They feared God.} 7. Why did the midwives save all the babies alive?

{The Hebrew women were delivering before they arrived.} 8. What did the midwives answer to Pharaoh when asked why they were not killing the boy babies?

{Made them houses.} 9. What did God do for the midwives because they feared Him?

{Throw them in the river.} 10. What did Pharaoh command the Israelites to do with their male newborns?

{Levi.} 11. From which tribe of Israel did Moses decend?

{3 months.} 12. How long was Moses' mother able to hide him?

{Made a little boat and placed him in the river.} 13. What did Moses' mother do with him when she could hide him no longer?

{Bulrushes, slime & pitch.} 14. What was the litle "ark" made from?

{In the flags at the brink where Pharaoh's daughter came to bathe.} 15. Where was the baby placed in the river?

{The baby's sister.} 16. Who did Moses' mother place afar off to watch the baby?

{She had compassion on him.} 17. What did Pharaoh's daughter do when she found the baby?

{His mother.} 18. Who did Pharaoh's daughter hire to nurse the baby?

{Because she 'drew him out of the water'.} 19. Why did name the baby Moses?

{He took them as his own son's.} 20. Fill in the blanks: Moses became Pharaoh's daughter's _ _ _ but in his heart he remained a _ _ _ _ _ _.

{Killed him and hid his body in the sand.} 21. When Moses was grown, what did he do to an Egyptian who was smiting a Hebrew?

{Everyone knew he had killed an Egyptian.} 22. What did Moses discover the next day when he tried to stop two Hebrew men from fighting?

{He sought to slay Moses.} 23. What happened when Pharaoh found out what Moses had done?

{Midian.} 24. Where did Moses flee to?

{The priest of Midian's daughters.} 25. Who did Moses help water their flocks?

{Reuel (also called Jethro or Jether).} 26. What was the priest of Midian's name?

{Zipporah.} 27. Which one of Reuel's 7 daughters did Moses marry?

{Gershom.} 28. What was Moses' first son's name?

{His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.} 29. When God heard the groaning of the children of Israel, what did He remember?

{Simeon and Levi.} 30. Fill in the blank: "And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God had _ _ _ _ _ _ _ unto them.?

{He kept his father-in-law's flocks.} 31. What was Moses' job in Midian?

{An angel of the Lord.} 32. What appeared to Moses on the backside of the desert in Mount Horeb?

{In a burning bush that was not consumed.} 33. How did the angel manifest itself?

{Take off his shoes.} 34. What was Moses instructed to do as he neared the bush?

{To deliver His people out of the hand of the Egyptians.} 35. Why did the Lord tell Moses he had "come down"?

{To a land flowing with milk and honey.} 36. Where did the Lord say He was going to take His people?

{Go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt.} 37. What did the Lord say He wanted Moses to do?

{Who Am I?  What shall I say to them? (concerning God's name) <BR>They will not believe me.  <BR>I am not elequent (slow of speech and tongue)  <BR>Send someone else.  (whom Thou wilt send).} 38. Name at least 3 excuses Moses made to God about going back to Egypt (Chapter 3 & 4).

{I AM THAT I AM: Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.} 39. What was Moses instructed to tell the children of Israel God's name was?

{To let them go 3 days journey into the wilderness to sacrifice to their God.} 40. What was Moses instructed to ask Pharaoh?

{That Pharaoh would not let them go.} 41. What did God predict about the King's response to this request?

{A serpent.} 42. What did Moses' rod turn into when he threw it on the ground (Exodus 4:3)?

{It became leprous.} 43. What happened to Moses' hand when he put it in his bosom?

{Turn to blood.} 44. What did God say the river water would do if Moses poured it out on the ground before Pharaoh?

{They were to be shown to the children of Israel as a sign that God had sent Moses to them.} 45. Why did God show these miracles to Moses?

{His brother, Aaron.} 46. Who did God send to Moses to help him because of his slow speech?

{A rod.} 47. What did God give to Moses to do signs with?

{His son was not circumcised.} 48. Why did the Lord try to kill Moses at the inn as he and his family traveled to Egypt?

{True.} 49. True or False: The people believed Moses and Aaron when they told them God sent them to lead His people out of Egypt?

{He commanded the taskmasters to stop giving them straw to make brick so they would have to gather it themselves.} 50. What did Pharaoh do when Moses and Aaron asked him to let the people go sacrifice to God?



I hope you did well on the test.
If not, study and take it over!

May God richly bless you
As you learn about Him.

Love, Meme.

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