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{Because they didn't have any food.} 1. Why did the Israelites 'murmur' against God in the wilderness of sin?

{Staying slaves in Egypt.} 2. What did the Israelites say would have been better than straving in the wilderness?

{Quail.} 3. What kind of meat did God give to the Israelites in the wilderness?

{A small, round waffer - it was like coriander seed, white; and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey.} 4. What did the bread that God gave the Israelites look and taste like?

{Manna, meaning 'what is it' because they didn't know what it was.} 5. What did the children of Israel call the round 'bread' and why?

{Only as much as they could eat in one day.} 6. How much 'manna' were they supposed to gather each day?

{It bred worms and stank.} 7. What happened to the 'manna' when it was left overnight?

{ Twice as much.} 8. How much of the 'manna' did they gather on the sixth day?

{The seventh day was the Sabbath and a day of rest.} 9. Why couldn't the people gather manna on the seventh day?

{40 years.} 10. How long did the children of Israel eat 'manna'?

{They ran out of water.} 11. When the children of Israel left the wilderness of Sin and journeyed to Rephidim, what went wrong?

{He struck a rock with his rod and water came out.} 12. How did Moses get water for the congregation?

{Massah or Meribah.} 13. Give one of the names Moses called the place where he got water from a rock.

{Amalek.} 14. Who was the first enemy Israel had to fight after they left Egypt?

{Esau.} 15. Who was Amalek a descentant of?

{Joshua.} 16. Who led the battle with Amalek?

{He went up on a hill overlooking the battle and held up his rod.} 17. What did Moses do while the battle with the Amalekites was going on?

{Aaron and Hur.} 18. Who helped hold Moses' hands up when he got tired?

{The Amalekites were to be destroyed someday.} 19. What did God tell Moses to write in a book and rehearse to Joshua?

{God was preparing him to lead Israel into Canaan.} 20. Why did Joshua lead the people against the Amalekites?

{Jethro.} 21. What was the name of Moses' father-in-law?

{Zipporah.} 22. What was Moses' wife's name?

{Gershom, Eliezer.} 23. Name Moses' two sons?

{Appoint judges over the people.} 24. What did Moses' father-in-law advise him to do?

{No - Nowhere that we have record of.} 25. Did Moses inquire of God before he appointed judges over the people?

{God.} 26. What is an eagle the symbol of in the Bible?

{The dispensation of the law.} 27. Which "dispensation" is begun in Exodus?

{All that the Lord hath spoken we will do.} 28. How did the people respond when Moses quoted these words of the Lord to them, "Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people."

{No.} 29. Did the children of Israel know what the "laws" or "covenant" was before they agreed to keep it??

{Wash their clothes or cleanse themselves.} 30. What did the people have to do before God "came down upon mount Sinai"?

{Touch the mount.} 31. Even after the people had cleansed themselves they were not allowed to do what?

{Fire.} 32. In what form did God descend on mount Sinai?.

{The voice of the trumpet.} 33. What voice (or sound) sounded long and loud on the mount?

{The law and instructions on how to build an altar.} 34. In Exodus 20, what 2 things did the children of Israel receive?

{sin.} 35. What did the law reveal?

{atonement.} 36. What did the altar "make"?

{False.} 37. True or false? If there had never been any laws, there could be no sin, for there would be no wrong or right.

{Earth. Vs.24} 38. What was the altar God instructed the children of Israel to make in chapter 20 made of?

{They removed and stood afar of} 39. What did the people do when they saw the lightening and the mountain smoking, and heard the trumpet in Chapter 20?

{See below for answer.} 40. Name the Ten Commandments "in the order they were given"!

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I hope you did well on the test.
If not, study and take it over!

May God richly bless you
As you learn about Him.

Love, Meme.

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