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{Yes but not permanently.} 1. Could the Israelites make one of their kinsmen a servant?

{6 years.} 2. How long could an Israelite make a Hebrew remain in slavery?

{Yes.} 3. If a Hebrew did become a slave and married while he was in slavery, would his wife be released when he was?

{Have his owner pierce his ear with an awl signifying he belonged to him forever.} 4. If a Hebrew slave had a family and wanted to remain with his family, what did he have to do?

{True.} 5. True or False: The Old Testament teaches capital punishment?

{To a city of refuge.} 6. Where were people who accidentally killed someone supposed to go?

{6.} 7. How many cities of refuge were there?

{They were to be put to death.} 8. What were the Israelites supposed to do with a child who hit his father or mother?

{They were to reimburse them for their lost wages and medical expenses.} 9. If an Israelite injured someone, what restitution was to be made?

{5 oxen for an ox and 4 sheep for one sheep.} 10. What restitution was to be made for an ox or a sheep?

{Nothing.} 11. What was to be done to an Israelite who killed someone who was robbing him?

{No.} 12. Does God expect us to be passive when an intruder enters our home?

{He was expected to marry her or pay her father a dowry.} 13. What happened to a man who raped a girl?

{They were to be killed.} 14. What was done to someone practicing witchcraft?

{False.} 15. True or False: It is ok to charge interest to the poor?

{EX 23:1 True.} 16. True or False: Gossip is a sin?

{False. That was Jim Jones.} 17. True or False: Marshall Applewhite led over 900 people to kill themselves by drinking grape Flavor-Aid laced with potassium cyanide and tranquilizers proving we must never follow a man (other than Jesus Christ)?

{The seventh year in which the land was supposed to rest.} 18. What was the Sabbatic year?

{So the poor could eat and the soil could replinish itself.} 19. Why were the Israelites supposed to let the land 'rest' the seventh year?

{3.} 20. How many 'feast days' did the Israelites have?

{To remind them of when they came out of Egypt.} 21. What was the 'feast of unleavened bread' held for?

{To celebrate the first fruits of the land.} 22. What was the 'feast of harvest'?

{A celebration for when all the crops had been gathered in.} 23. What was the 'feast of ingathering'?

{Jesus Christ.} 24. Who do most scholars believe the Angel God sent before the Israelites on their journey through the wilderness was?

{32   Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods.} 25. In Exodus 23:32, what did God warn the Israelites not to do with the inhabitants of the land?

{74 if you count Moses.} 26. In the beginning of chapter 24, how many people were commanded to come up to the mount and worship afar off?

{Besides Moses there were 70 elders, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu.} 27. Who were these people (question 26) who were to worship afar off??

{All that the LORD hath said will we do, and be obedient.} 28. How did the people answer when Moses told them all of the words of the Lord?

{Blood; shedding of blood.} 29. Fill in these blanks: "And almost all things are by the law purged with _______; and without _______________is no remission."

{False.} 30. True or False: Based on Exodus 24:10-11, John 1:18 is false? ("No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.")

{Joshua.} 31. Who was the only man allowed to go up on the Mount of God with Moses?

{Cloud.} 32. What covered the Mount for 6 days?

{Devouring fire.} 33. What was the sight of the glory of the Lord like to the Israelites from below?

{40 days and 40 nights.} 34. How long was Moses on the Mount with God?

{Probably from what they borrowed from the Egyptians.} 35. Exodus 25:1 says the children of Isreal brought their offerings willingly; where did they get the things they offered to build the tabernacle?

{Shittim wood.} 36. What kind of wood was the ark of the covenant made from?

{Gold.} 37. What was the ark of the covenant covered with?

{2 cherubims.} 38. What covered the mercy seat on the top of the ark of the covenant?

{So they could be easily carried by the Levites.} 39. Why did each piece of furniture used in the tabernacle have rings and staves?

{The ten commandments, a pot of manna and Aaron's rod that budded.} 40. What was the ark of the covenant to hold inside?



I hope you did well on the test.
If not, study and take it over!

May God richly bless you
As you learn about Him.

Love, Meme.

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