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{Hagar} 1. What was Sarai's handmaid's name?

{Have a child for her.} 2. What did Sarai ask Abram to do through Hagar?

{She despised her.} 3. How did Hagar feel about Sarai after she conceived a child with Abram?

{She dealt hardly with her.} 4. What did Sarai do when she knew Hagar despised her?

{She fled.} 5. What did Hagar do when Sarai dealt hardly with her?

{The angel of the Lord told her to go back.} 6. Who talked to Hagar and what did he tell her to do?

{They could not be numbered for multitude.} 7. What did the angel tell Hagar about her future descendents?

{Ishmael.} 8. What did the angel tell Hagar to name her son?

{A wild man.} 9. What kind of man would Ishmael be?

{86.} 10. How old was Abram when Ishmael was born?

{99.} 11. How old was Abram when God changed his name?

{Abraham.} 12. What did God change Abram's name to?

{A father of many nations.} 13. When God made His covenant with Abram, what did He promise to make him?

{Canaan.} 14. What land did God promise to Abraham?

{To circumcise all the males of the nation of Israel.} 15. What was Abraham's part in the covenant with God?

{He would be cut off from his people.} 16. What would happen to the male who was not circumcised?

{Sarah).} 17. What was Sarai's name changed to?

{He laughed.} 18. What did Abraham do when God told him Sarah would be a "mother of nations"?

{Because he would be 100 and Sarah 99.} 19. Why did Abraham laugh at the news he and Sarah would have a child??

{Isaac.} 20. What did God tell Abraham to name his and Sarah's son?

{3 men.} 21. Who came to Abraham's tent door in the plains of Mamre?

{Prepared a meal.} 22. What did Abraham do for the 3 men?

{That they would be back in 9 months (according to the time of life) and Sarah would have a son.} 23. What news did the 3 men bring Abraham?

{In the tent.} 24. Where was Sarah while the men were there?

{Laughed.} 25. What did Sarah do when she heard she was to have a son?

{She was too old to bear children.} 26. Why did Sarah laugh at the news she was to have a child?

{Is anything too hard for the Lord?} 27. What question did the Lord ask Abraham because Sarah laughed?

{That He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.} 28. What "secret" did God reveal to Abraham as the 3 men started to leave?

{Because they were so wicked.} 29. Why was God going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

{If He could find ten righteous people there.} 30. For what reason did God promise Abraham He would not destroy these cities?

{2 angels.} 31. Who did Lot make a feast in his home for?

{Demand of Lot to hand them over for sexual abuse.} 32. What did the men of the city do when they heard of the 2 men's vist to Lot?

{His 2 virgin daughters.} 33. What did Lot offer the men of the city instead of the 2 angels?

{Smote them with blindness} 34. What did the angels do to the men of the city?

{No, they had to physically pull him out.} 35. Did Lot go willingly with the angels before they destroyed Sodom?

{No, his married daughters and families stayed behind.} 36. Did Lot take his whole family with him?

{She became a pillar of salt.} 37. What happened to Lot's wife when she looked back at the burning city?

{In a cave.} 38. Where did Lot and his 2 daughters live after the cities were destroyed?

{They got him drunk and became pregnant by him.} 39. What did Lot's daughters do to him?

{The Moabites and the Ammonites.} 40. What 2 nations did Lot father by his 2 daughters?

{South to Gerar.} 41. At the beginning of chapter 20 Abraham once again leaves Canaan, where did he go this time?

{That she was his sister.} 42. What did Abraham tell Abimelech, king of Gerar, about Sarah?

{Chapter 12, there was a famine and he went down to Egypt where he told Pharaoh Sarah was his sister.} 43. When and where did Abraham do this same thing before?

{Abimelech took her but did not abuse her.} 44. What happened to Sarah because of Abraham's lie?

{God came to Abimelech in a dream and told him she was another man's wife.} 45. Why was Sarah kept from harm?

{He would die.} 46. What did God tell Abimelech would happen to him if he didn't return Sarah to her husband?

{Pray for him for he was a prophet.} 47. What did God tell Abimelech Abraham would do for him after he returned his wife?.

{Yes, she was his half sister.} 48. Was Sarah Abraham's sister?

{Gave him much goods.} 49. What did Abimelech do for Abraham?

{He prayed for the women of Gerar for God had closed up their wombs.} 50. What did Abraham pray for when he prayed for Abimelech?



I hope you did well on the test.
If not, study and take it over!

May God richly bless you
As you learn about Him.

Love, Meme.

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