1. What did God tell the Israelites to borrow from the Egyptians?

2. What was the tenth and last plague that God brought on Egypt?
Death of the first-born.

3. Who was to die in the tenth plague?
From the first-born on Pharaoh to the first-born of the maid servants and even the first-born of beasts.

4. Why did God spare the children of Israel? (Besides because of the blood of the Passover.) See Ex 11:7.
To show that He put a difference between Egypt and Israel.

5. Why does God say Pharaoh would not hearken to Moses when told about the last plague?
So God's wonders may be multiplied in the land of Egypt.

6. Why was "The Feast of the Passover" instituted?
It was to be held once a year in remembrance of Israel's deliverance from Egypt.

7. What was important about the month Israel came out of Egypt?
It became the first month of the year for them.

8. Who was supposed to kill and eat a lamb the night of the Passover?
Choose One:
A. Each family elder.
B. Each tribe.
C. Each household.
D. Each family.

9. What were the specifications of the lamb of the Passover?
A male of the first year without blemish.

10. Which day of the month did the passover fall on?

11. The Feast of the Passover was to be eaten:
A. Fully dressed.
B. Holding their staff in their hand.
C. Wearing shoes.
D. In haste.
E. All of the above.
F. B & D

12. In Exodus 12:12 The Lord said He would pass through the land of Egypt and smite all the first-born of both man and beasts. Who did He say He would be executing judgment against?
Against all the gods of Egypt.

13. What is the only way we can be saved?
By the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ.

14. How many days were the Israelites to eat unleavened bread during the Passover?
7 days.

15. How long did the children of Israel live in the land of Goshen?
430 years.

16. About how many Israelite men left Egypt after the tenth plague?

17. True or False? Only descendants of Jacob left Egypt the night of the Passover.
False. A mixed multitude also went with them.

18. About how many people in all left Egypt?
Probably well over a million.

19. What does the word sanctify mean in Exodus 13:2?
To consecrate or to set apart from a common to a sacred use.

20. What was the name of the month the Israelites came out of Egypt?

21. What does the word Abib mean literally and what month would it correspond to today?
green ear, March.

22. Why was the month Abib the best month to undertake a journey?
The winter was over and the fields would be green.

23. Who led the Israelites out of Egypt?

24. Why did God say in Exodus 13:17 that He chose to lead his people through the wilderness instead of taking the shorter route to the Promised Land?
"Peradventure the people repent when they see war, and they return to Egypt."

25. Whose bones did the Israelites carry with them when they finally left Egypt?

26. How did God manifest Himself as He led the Israelites out of Egypt?
A pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

27. What did God instruct Moses to do to part the Red Sea?
"Lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it."

28. Moses instructed the people to "stand still" and see what as the waters parted.
"Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord."

29. The pillar of cloud that went behind the Israelites moved and stood between them and the Egyptians. What does Exodus 14:19 say moved between the Israelites and the Egyptians with the cloud?
The angel of God.

30. What are some other names for the cloud that led Israel on their journey?
Shechinah, glory cloud or the divine Majesty.

31. What happened when the Egyptians tried to cross the Red Sea on dry ground?
The water returned and they were drowned.

32. What is recorded in Exodus 15.
Israel's song of praise.

33. What was wrong with the water at Marah?
It was bitter.

34. What did Moses do to make the water sweet again?
Cut down a tree and cast it in the water.

35. What did the Israelites find at Elim?
12 wells of water and 70 palm trees.

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